You have just requested one or several images of NORMANDY from the Normandy Tourist Board. A download link will then be sent to you by email within 5 working days. You are reminded that there is no charge for these images and they can only be used as you have outlined in the contact form.

By ticking the box "I confirm that I am aware of the terms and conditions of use for the photos provided by the Normandy Regional Tourist Board", you accept these conditions in full.

  1. The use of these images is strictly reserved for the promotion of Normandy as a tourist destination: its accommodation, activities and sites. These images may not be put to any use other than that agreed with the Normandy Tourist Board. Any other use is strictly forbidden.
  2. This transfer of copyright is agreed for uses of the Work which are accessible and made available free of charge by the Normandy Tourist Board, notably by downloading from the website ( ), namely:
    • For tour operators, carriers, travel and incoming agencies, works councils, conference and travel organisers etc., in the context of use limited to forms of publicity which contribute to the promotion of tourism in Normandy, but not necessarily limited to the following list: leaflets, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, newsletters, websites etc (excluding social media or front covers)
    • For the press (newspapers and magazines, audio visual, free or paying), in the context of use limited to the illustration of press articles on paper or online (except social media or front covers) which are part of the promotion of tourism in Normandy;
    • Of all service providers in the tourism business and institutional partners of the Normandy Tourist Board, particularly such as, although not necessarily limited to the following list: tourist offices, CDT/ADT, regional and departmental councils, Atout France, Normandie Qualité Tourisme, accommodation providers, restaurateurs, renters of bicycles etc… to illustrate paper and digital material, but not necessarily limited to the following list: websites, brochures, guides, leaflets, maps, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters etc. (excluding social media or front covers) where they are part of the campaign to promote tourism in Normandy
    • prescribers in the context of the promotion of tourism in Normandy
    The transfer of copyright for use of the Work is agreed worldwide for a duration of 3 years from the moment of the download of the Work.
  3. These images may not be used for the covers of documents. These images cannot be used on front covers, nor as full pages for publishing houses. Should the latter example, however, be the case, a specific request will have to be made directly to the photographer. These photos are not to be used on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  4. The maximum size of the image for publication is A4 and the image can be reframed if no other alteration or modification takes place. The images cannot be altered nor undergo any photo editing.
  5. To comply with the requirements of Article L121-1 of the Intellectual Property Act, the Normandy Tourist Board will place or will have placed the following text on every reproduction or representation of the work: ©Name of the photographer - Normandy Tourist Board
  6. Please note that it is forbidden for you to lend these images to a third party or to provide others with direct access to these pictures. The images cannot used for any other circumstances and have then to be destroyed from all your files. If necessary, another request will have to be submitted for any future uses.
  7. Once the image has been used, we ask you to forward us a copy of your brochure / magazine / website featuring the image to once published:
  8. The Normandy Tourist Board will not be held responsible for any misuse of the pictures provided.
  9. These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by French law even if one of the Parties should be a foreign national and/or if the contract should be executed partly or wholly abroad. Any dispute regarding its interpretation and/or execution, which cannot be settled amicably, will be put before the French court territorially competent on the subject of intellectual property law.